terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

She wants no one...

I'm in love with you. I said it. Are you happy?
I don't want to. You know what?
I still am in love with you, despite everything.
Why are you in love with me, specifically?
Because you are you... Only you...
I don't want you because you are you...
Love me, please! I need you in my life
No, you don't. You are too narcisistic for that.
Yes, I do love you. Nothing will change that.
Yes, it will. My heart can't belong to... you.
Why not me? We're meant to be together.
You're not the person I would want... ever.
Why? We are perfect for each other! Right?
No, man, we simply can't be with each other.
Why do you want to hurt me so bad?
Because, despite being friends, I don't want you.
You're only hurting me with all that...
No, you are hurting yourself, and you know it...

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